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Grand Piano

Piano Tuning   

  Regular Tuning

Let All Action piano get your piano in tune and up to the highest standard! We will come check the level of tuning and pitch of your piano and can recommend the next steps to get it sounding beautiful and the maintenance it needs to keep it that way. We are experts in all piano types...acoustic, grands, uprights, and antiques!

 Pitch Raise Tuning  

Maintaining your piano is essential for optimal sound. For a pitch raise tuning, the overall tension in your piano's structure changes as a whole, and as a result, we spend more time with the piano and usually need to return to complete the process between two visits.

Concert Tuning    

Our services have been retained by novice as well as concert pianists. We have performed concert tunings in many large venues for many famous artists, as well as recording and television studios. Tuning can occur during both rehearsal and during the main performance as needed, and is charged by the hour.

Contact us for piano tuning services today!

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