Piano Repair and Restoration Services   

  Pianos, Harpsichords, and Pump Organ Repair and Service Available   

We provide a wide array of services from simple repairs and restringing to full restoration. We also have a varying selection of pianos and pump organs onsite for sale. Ask us what we have available!

Below is a Pump Organ currently for sale - Contact us to find out more about this beauty!


The images below are before and after a full de-moth. This can give your piano a whole new life!


Kimball Piano Complete Refinish and Repair

The images below are before and after of a Kimball piano that was in need of an upgrade. Broken pieces had to be removed and major chips repaired and the finish was changed to a elegant black. And the sound was perfect!


Oak Piano Repair

The images below are before and after of an oak piano with very delicate details that needed significant repair and refinishing.